In the course of the ongoing corona pandemic, visits to the hospital are not possible without restrictions.

Depending on the country and federal state, hospitals are obliged to record the contact details of all visitors, adhere to restricted visiting hours and limit the number of visitors a patient can visit per day. It must also be documented that the visitors stated that they were symptom-free.

This is often done manually on site by filling out a form. If the visiting times are limited and the rush is very high, long waiting times can occur. Due to the analog filing, those affected cannot be informed immediately if the worst comes to the worst, typing the data is prone to errors and requires a lot of staff. In addition, the destruction of the completed slips of paper once the retention period has expired uses up resources again.

Because of this problem, we developed the digital visitor register.

The digital visitor register makes it easier to process the flow of visitors by not having to collect the required data at the hospital.

The visitor enters his data in a web form on the computer, smartphone or terminal before his visit. Alternatively, the visitor can enter the data with his smartphone in the queue in order to then skip this.

After entering the data, the visitor receives a QR code with which he can check in at the hospital. An employee or a stationary device scans the QR code and provides the data record with an arrival time stamp. When leaving the building, the QR code is scanned again and a leaving time stamp is set.

The QR code can be reused for each subsequent visit, the data does not have to be entered multiple times.

The QR code can be saved on the smartphone in the following ways:

– In the Apple Wallet

– In the smartphone picture gallery

– In the web browser

– In your hospital app

In order to reach as many users as possible, the QR code can also be printed out and scanned.

With the digital visitor register, queues and thus contact points are reduced, deletion deadlines are automatically adhered to and returning visitors do not have to enter their data more than once. If the worst comes to the worst, affected persons can be informed immediately.

The introduction of the digital visitor register can take place within a few days and will be adapted to your data protection concept.

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