Your hospital app makes it easy to navigate throughout your hospital

The hospital app with indoor navigation is the door opener for a range of diverse services for your patients, your employees and for the digital future of your hospital.


Find out more about the German Hospital Future Act (KHZG).


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Features for your hospital app

Pick your modules, expandable at any time

Outdoor navigation

From the front door through the parking lot to the building entrance, your patients and visitors can find the best way to you in your hospital app.

Outdoor navigation, hospital app, on site und off site
Indoor navigation, live, Indoor GPS

Indoor navigation

It continues seamlessly in the building, either with the tracking-free step-by-step indoor navigation set up in a few weeks or with the live indoor navigation in your hospital app, which locates the users inside and supports the navigation with voice instructions.

Multimedia wayfinding system

Let your users access your hospital app in a variety of ways. Whether as a smartphone app, as a digital application in the web browser, as a printout or on a stationary terminal; your application is always spot on.

hospital app, indoor, outdoor, off site on site, navigation
hospital app, indoor, outdoor, off site on site, navigation

QR codes

Whether for quick access to your navigation or as a gateway to the digital visitor register, the QR code scan allows your application to be widely distributed even without prior app download.

Hospital App

Round off the app for your clinic with the information that is important for your patients and visitors. In addition to news and events, you can integrate your Instagram feed and view important phone numbers.

hospital app, indoor, outdoor, off site on site, navigation
Backend system

Backend system

You have full control over your data at all times. Maintain your facilities, destinations and network of paths independently and use the construction site tool to block paths or move facilities. Define which routes are suitable for people with restricted mobility and which building wings should not be used if possible.

Your digital strategy

Your hospital app as part of the digital ecosystem

The hospital app is the door opener for a range of diverse digital services. We are happy to integrate existing interfaces and work with other providers so that your application fits perfectly into your digital strategy.


Find out about the Hospital Future Act and the eligible criteria, which also include digital navigation on your patient’s device.

We are passionate about our projects

Our software is being used all throughout Germany and beyond. Each of our customers improves our system with their suggestions and allows the hospital app to become part of the digital strategy.

App for the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein

“Think big” is the motto in Lübeck and Kiel during the implementation of the structural master plan. This is also reflected in the composition of the UKSH app, which not only includes multimedia outdoor and indoor navigation, but also equips the university hospital for the next steps in digitalization.

“We are pleased to have a competent partner at our side with Catchup Applications”

Oliver Grieve

Oliver Grieve

Press spokesman – Head of the Integrated Communication department

University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein hospital app

The cooperation partners confirm that the present project has no influence on further sales transactions of the UKSH (in particular procurement processes and pricing) and that there are no expectations in this regard.


The digital visitor register

In the course of the ongoing corona pandemic, visits to the hospital are not possible without restrictions. Depending...