We love exciting projects! Our software is being used all throughout Germany and beyond. Each of our customers improves our system with their suggestions and allows the hospital app to become part of the digital strategy.

Live Indoor-Navigation, Indoor GPS, Beacons, BLE-Beacons, WiFi Access Points, Wegführung

Hospital app for the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein

“Think big” is the motto in Lübeck and Kiel during the implementation of the structural master plan. This is also reflected in the composition of the UKSH app, which not only includes multimedia outdoor and indoor navigation, but also equips the university hospital for the next steps in digitalization.
Step-by-Step, Indoor Navigation, Ortung, iBeacon
Ortung im Gebäude, App für Navigation, Echtzeitlokalisierung

Digital signage system at the University Hospital Bonn

Navigation for indoors and outdoors. With the UKB app, patients and visitors can be navigated from their front door via the correct parking space to the main entrance of their destination. For building 080 and the parent-child center, navigation can even be continued to the destination in the building.

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